3A:  Sign Contract and Provide Deposit

It’s time to form an agreement:
The Client and Stonecroft Homes sign the three documents that form the “Contract.” 
1.) Construction Drawings
2.) Specifications
3.) Purchase Agreement
• The Client provides a pre-approval letter from an approved lending institution.
• The Client places a 10% deposit of the sales price with Stonecroft Homes.


3B:  Construction Financing

With all plans and approvals in place it is time to close on the construction financing.  After this, Stonecroft Homes is now ready to begin construction.  Stonecroft Homes has great banking relationships around the area and will carry the financing for the construction loan.

3C:  Permit Process

Next, we must get the necessary approvals from the City or Government entities:
• Stonecroft Homes submits plans to all local authorities.
• Stonecroft Homes attends appropriate local meetings.
• Stonecroft Homes receives acceptance from proper agencies
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