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First built for Homearama, a couple rebuilds on a large acreage tract.
The Stonecroft Home above was built on 30 acres in Simpsonville, KY.  It was a rebuild of our 2015 Homearama Grand Award Winning Entry, Waterscape (pictured below). Our clients had been searching for something special to place on their beautiful site.  Once they laid eyes on Waterscape at Homearama, they knew exactly what they were searching for!
Hiring an expert on a large acreage site like this one is crucial as there were many items far beyond just the construction of the home.  For instance; No water or electric was on site and it sat more than a half-mile off the main road.  Proper planning, scheduling, and execution were required to have everything come together to deliver the Extraordinary.


The inspiration for Waterscape (Homearama 2015) by David Lutes…

The winter months in Louisville, KY this past year were seemingly unending as snow fronts continued to dot the scenery well into March. The only spot that resisted the feeling of an eternal winter was the Waterscape lot. The clear views of the surrounding lakes from the home site transported my mind to a place far removed from the dreary winter. I set out to build a home that maximized the beautiful lake views and would evoke a feeling of “All Things Summer” for all who visited.
Creating a home that captured the water views from the main living areas proved to be a challenge due to the lot’s shape and positioning. Some of our most popular designs, which typically include a side entry garage and the kitchen opposite of the master in the rear of the home, would not take full advantage of the water views. I was excited for the new challenge and began sketching the initial concept immediately. The concept started to come together when I rotated the rear porch 90 degrees to create side porches, which capitalized on the water views.
The next morning, I showed Mark Baer (Stonecroft Design Studio) the concept and we began to collaborate back and forth until we had created “Waterscape.”
While the design of Waterscape is inspired by “All Things Summer,” the interior and exterior color palette provide more seasonal dimension, giving a nod to the past winter’s white vistas and blue skies.
Waterscape was purchased a month before Homearama by a couple who plans to be married here in the Fall. They shared their excitement for their new life together in this home by remarking, “David, we just couldn’t begin to find a better option than what your team has built here.” The excitement and satisfaction of my customers continues to reaffirm my passion for designing and building homes. I could not imagine doing anything else.    ~David P. Lutes

2015 | Homearama | Waterscape | Grand Award Recipient