Design Meeting #1

In the first design meeting we will meet to cover a number of key topics, including:
• Home orientation, sun orientation, etc.
• The Client will present any pictures such as floor plan examples and magazine articles to Stonecroft Homes.
We will discuss the following:
• Preferred home style
• Floor plan layout and any special furniture considerations.
• Interior  & product features such as built-ins, HVAC, Home A/V.

Concept Plan

The Conceptual Plan is a ¼” scale drawing with initial dimensions of the first and second floors on the selected home site. When the Conceptual Plan is ready:

• The Client reviews the initial design and layout they receive via email.
• Client meets with Stonecroft Homes to discuss plan design changes.
• Stonecroft Homes makes necessary revisions to the plan.


Preliminary Plan
The Preliminary Plan is 1/4″ scale drawings of the front elevation, floor plan and site plan.  Once you have reviewed the design drawings, we will meet again to discuss every aspect of the home design, We will review room by room through the home and define the materials we will use in the project, and the target budgets the client will have to work with.

Pricing and Specifications• Stonecroft Homes prices the home within 2 weeks of the final preliminary Plan & Specifications meeting (Step 4).

• Stonecroft Homes then reviews the Design Specifications with the Client.
• If the price doesn’t meet the Client’s budget, Stonecroft Homes and the Client review and modify the Specifications.
• The Client then accepts the finalized Specification Sheet.
• Stonecroft Homes completes the plans into Construction Drawings also referred to as C/D’s.